Neon Judgement
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(Translated by Neon Electronics)

Neon Judgement was one of the early founding groups of industrial music, body music and synth-pop of the '80 in Belgium. Through their first singles, Factory Walk (Sweet Revenge, 1982) and Concrete (1984), recorded on 1981-1984 (1985), and followed by MBIH! (1985), Tomorrow In The Papers (1985), Voodoo Nipplefield (1986) and by Mafu Cage (1986), they created a compromising style with a high impact both on guitar strings and on keyboards. An anthology of these early days is First Judgements (1987). They reached an apex with Chinese Black (1987) and Miss Brown (1987).

Their career went on, with highs and lows, through the albums Blood And Thunder (1989), the singles Games of Love, 1313, The Insult (1990), Alaska Highway, Are You Real (1991), and Baby's on Fire.

After a gap of a few years they made their come-back with the single A Nicer Person (1995). Almost without guitar, the album Daszoo (KK, 1998) and the single release Jazzox lead us to an elegant techno that recalls the sound of the Ultravox in their later work.

Dirk Da Davo also has a side-project called Neon Electronics (Dancedilic- D 1999).

I Neon Judgement furono uno dei gruppi storici della musica industriale, body music e synth-pop degli anni '80 in Belgio. I primi singoli, Factory Walk (Sweet Revenge, 1982) e Concrete (1984), raccolti su 1981-1984 (1985), e seguiti da MBIH! (1985), Tomorrow In The Papers (1985), Voodoo Nipplefield (1986) e dall'album Mafu Cage (1986), con Awful Day, coniarono uno stile di compromesso che faceva leva tanto sulle tastiere quanto sulle chitarre. Il primo periodo e` antologizzato su First Judgements (1987).

L'apice lo raggiunsero con Chinese Black (1987) e Miss Brown (1987).

La loro carriera si protrasse tra alti e bassi attraverso l'album Horny As Hell (1988), il singolo TV Treated (1989), gli album Blood And Thunder (1989), con i singoli Games Of Love e 1313, The Insult (1990), con il singolo Alaska Highway, e Are You Real (1991), con Baby's On Fire e Are You Real.

Dopo uno iato di qualche anno tornarono con il singolo A Nicer Person (1995). Abbandonate quasi del tutto le chitarre, l'album Daszoo (KK, 1998) e il singolo Jazzox si lascia andare a un techno elegante che ricorda il sound dei tardi Ultravox.

Dirk Da Davo also has a side-project called Neon Electronics (Dancedelic-D 1999.

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