Nightmares On Wax
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A Word Of Science , 5/10
Smokers Delight, 6/10
Carboot Soul , 5/10
Mind Elevation , 5/10
Thought So , 4/10

George Evelyn, i.e. Nightmares On Wax, is a pioneer of Bristol's trip-hop, even if A Word Of Science (Warp, 1991), featuring Aftermath, and especially the elegant Smokers Delight (Wax Trax, 1995) sound more like 1970s' funk-jazz (A Night's Interlude). Carboot Soul (Warp, 1999), which was released again four years after the previous one, adds a couple of soul ballads (neither worth of being mentioned) and a touch of world-music (Arghanoah) to the usual laid-back lullabies (Morse).

Mind Elevation (Warp, 2002) has, again, very little trip-hop but a lot of trite pop-soul muzak (Know My Name, Date My Destiny), and even a re-write of the easy-listening classic Love Is Blue (Bleu My Mind), amid echoes of vintage Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield (the instrumentals Humble and BBH). The best tracks are probably the first (the dreamy Mind Eye) and the last (the dub-tinged Thoughts).

If possible, the music became even more languid and elegant on In A Space Outta Sound (Warp, 2006) and Thought So (2008).

George Evelyn e` uno dei pionieri del trip-hop di Bristol, anche se A Word Of Science (Warp), con Aftermath, e soprattutto, quattro anni dopo, l'elegantissimo Smokers Delight (Wax Trax, 1995) dei suoi Nightmares On Wax sembrano piu` che altro dischi di funk-jazz degli anni '70.
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