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Novak , 6/10

Novak hail from Birmingham (England) and debuted with a string of creative, original, surreal singles: Silver Seas (Earworm), Alpine Assignment (Kitty Kitty), Rapunzel (Kitty Kitty).

The album Novak (Kitty Kitty, 1999) revealed a mature combo that is not afraid of experimenting with Sonic Youth's noise-rock and Mercury Rev's post-psychedelia. Adele Williams is surrounded by six musicians, with instruments ranging from droning accordion (David Gerrard0 to flute (Tasmin Snell), and including two guitars (Jane Smith and Jeremy Hepburn). Blue Chinook and By Peggy's Well are charming songs, although underneath they are warped spaghetti of harmony. Even better, Boy Scouts Of America stretches into cacophonous avantgarde with intriguing force.

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