Omni Trio
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Omni Trio was the project of British dj Robert Haigh, who originally (1992-93) recorded a handful of singles as Splice. Omni Trio debuted with the EPs Mystic Steppers (1993) and especially Renegade Snares (1993), a groundbreaking track for the development of drum'n'bass towards a more refined, sleek and even relaxing format (dominated by instruments such as piano and synth). The Deepest Cut (Moving Shadow, 1995) contained Mainline. Music For The Next Millennium (1995) is a variant of that first album.

Haigh continued to work on his introspective, intimate, ambient version of drum'n'bass and techno on Haunted Science (1996), Skeleton Keys (1997), Byte Size Life (1998), Even Angels Cast Shadows (2001), Rogue Satellite (2004).

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