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German band Oomph, fronted by Dero Goi, debuted with the single Ich Bin Du (1991) and released the album Oomph (1992), still grounded in electronic industrial dance music, and Sperm (1994). The latter is the album that defined the style known as "neue deutsche haerte", which mixed industrial rock and metal, like a cross of KMFDM, Ministry and Pantera.

The prolific band simply refined that style on Defekt (1995), Wunschkind (1996), Unrein (1998), which contains Gekreuzigt, Plastik (1999), Ego (2001), Wahrheit oder Pflicht (2004), with Augen Auf, and GlaubeLiebeTod (2006), with Gott ist ein Popstar and Traumpst du?.

Delikatessen (2006) and Truth or Dare (2010) are compilations.

These were followed by Monster (2008), Des Wahnsinns fette Beute (2012), XXV (2015) and Ritual (2019), which ironically became their first album to top the German charts.

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