Origami Arktika

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Norway's combo Origami Arktika specialized in mythological chamber folk-rock on Sondring (1996), Fakul (1998) and Vardogr (2002).

Trollebotn (Silber, 2007) can assimilate the influence of Indian music in Anne Sit Heime while imagining the polyrhythmic version of a medieval dance in Fanteguten. Similarly, Absolut Gehor (Silber, 2014) merges elements of Middle Eastern and Indian music in Bryggja te Jol while indulging in the loose instrumental jamming of Ro og Hamle, with a coda of percussion solo over organ drone. The litanies are sometimes too devoid of life (Tora Liti can hardly be considered "musical") and it is not a coincidence that the most engaging piece ends up being the mostly instrumental Det syng for Storegut, a nightmare built around a steady polyrhythmic pulsation.

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