Pitch Shifter
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I piu` fedeli all'esempio dei Godflesh sono forse i Pitchshifter sul minialbum Submit (Earache), in particolare Gritter, e sull'album del 1994 Desensitized (Earache). I riff brutali di Diable e Triad e l'orgia di campionamenti di To Die Is Gain sono comunque temperati dalla mezz'ora ambientale di Routine.
Godflesh's main disciples in the difficult art of industrial-tinged grindcore could be Pitchshifter. The early works, the mini-albums Industrial (Peaceville, 1991) and Submit (Earache, 1992), especially Gritter, are faithful applications of Godflesh's ideology.

The band started cruising towards a more personal voice with Desensitized (Earache, 1993). The brutal riffs of Diable and Triad, plus the sampling orgy of To Die Is Gain, are relieved by the 30-minute ambient tide of Routine.

Jon Clayden (vocals) and John Carter (guitars) showed tremendous progress on Infotainment (Earache, 1996), that is infected with jungle beats.

Deep grooves and heavy riffs, besides normalized vocals, made www.pitchshifter.com (DGC, 1998) much more accessible. Genius is catchy, while What's In It For Me retains the violent urge of the early days. The band manages to combine Nine Inch Nails's psychotic atmospheres, Henry Rollins's visceral delivery and and Ministry's manic assault, but mediated via Prodigy's living-room techno.

Deviant (MCA, 2000)

Hordes of Satan, born from the ashes of Pitchshifter, released Hordes of Satan (Streaks, 2007).

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