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Cold Water Flat , 4/10

La canzone psichedelica Britannica degli anni '80 era inflazionata di nomi. Fra i tardi esponenti del genere si contano i Revolver di Mat Flint, con arrangiamenti un po' piu` ricercati della media (Crimson, Heaven Sent An Angel, Venice, Cradle Snatch e Red All Over i singoli con cui si sono affermati nel 1991/92); During the 1980s, Britain was flooded by bands playing psychedelic pop. Mat Flint's Revolver bridged the melodic, the shoegazing and the dream-poppy camps. Their 1991/92 singles Crimson, Heaven Sent An Angel, Venice, Cradle Snatch and Red All Over boast refined arrangements and catchy refrains. Unfortunately, the profusion of horns, strings, keyboards can't hide how derivative the album Cold Water Flat (Caroline, 1993) is. Swinging from pop (I Wear Your Chain) to psychedelic (Cradle Snatch), the band simply shows its intention to make a living out of stereotypes.
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