Les Rhythmes Digitales
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Liberation (1996), 5.5/10
Darkdancer (2000), 5/10
Living in a Magazine (2001), 5/10
Zoot Woman (2003), 4/10

Jacques LuCont ("Stuart Price")'s project Les Rhythmes Digitales led France into the age of acid-house with Liberation (1996), while Darkdancer (2000) veered towards the sound of Daft Punk.

Lucont's Zoot Woman is, instead, a far less ambitious (and entertaining) project of old-fashioned dance-pop. Living in a Magazine (2001) was an affectionate tribute to the age of synth-pop, but Zoot Woman (2003) is only a shameless imitation of the sound of the 1980s, no matter how technically sophisticated.

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