Sabres Of Paradise

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Sabresonic , 7/10
Haunted Dancehall , 6.5/10
Two Lone Swordsmen: The Fifth Mission , 6.5/10
Two Lone Swordsmen: Stay Down , 5/10
Two Lone Swordsmen: Tiny Reminders , 6/10
Two Lone Swordsmen: Further Reminders , 4/10
Two Lone Swordsmen: Peppered with Spastic Magic (2003), 4/10
Two Lone Swordsmen: From the Double Gone Chapel (2004), 6.5/10
Two Lone Swordsmen: Wrong Meeting I and II (2007), 5/10

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Andy Weatherall, divenuto celebre quando prese una canzone dei Primal Scream e la trasformo` in Loaded, uno dei grandi successi da discoteca degli anni '90, e` un dj protagonista della scena rave inglese gli anni '90. Weatherall ha al suo attivo diversi progetti e collaborazioni: Bloodsugar e Planet 4 Folk Quartet con David Harrow, Bocca Juniors con Terry Farley, Pete Heller e Hugo Nicholson, Lino Squares e Two Lone Swordsmen con Keith Tenniswood, Lords Of Afford con David Hedger, etc. Il progetto piu` importante e` quello dei Sabres Of Paradise, per il quale si serve di Jagz Kooner e Gary Burns, avviato nel 1990 a Londra. Kooner e Burns erano anche titolari del collettivo Aloof, quello di Cover The Crime (Warp, 1994).

Sabresonic (Warp, 1993) propone una miscela di Brian Eno, Suicide e techno. La suite Clock Factory (quindici minuti) e i due movimenti (andante e allegro) di Anno Electro sono composizioni ambiziose, che trascendono il genere. Piu` avventuroso ancora il singolo Smokebelch.

Haunted Dancehall (Warp, 1994) e` una sorta di concept ambientato nei vicoli da incubo di Londra. Il sound incorporava il trip-hop (Planet D, Tow Truck) ma rinnovava anche i fasti del techno con il singolo Wilmot, Meglio forse una composizione elegantemente eccentrica come Bubble And Slide. Il disco e` piu` coesivo, ma meno avventuroso.

Septic Cuts (Warp, 1994) e` un'antologia dei remix di Weatherall. Versus (Warp, 1995) raccoglie invece remix altrui di materiale dei Sabres.

Sabresonic II (1995) is an album of remixes, notably David Holmes's 15-minute remix of Smokebelch II.

Two Lone Swordsmen is the new project of Sabres Of Paradise's Andrew Weatherall (helped out by Keith Tenniswood). The program is to compose evocative soundscapes out of dub, techno and noise. The monumental debut album, The Fifth Mission (Emissions Audio Output, 1995), basically pick up Weatherhall's research where late Sabres (Haunted Dancehall) left it.

The project is still unfocused on Stay Down (Warp, 1998), although some of its electronic/symphonic fragments best exemplifiy the claustrophobic (Hope We Never Surface) and the ghostly (No Red Stopping) music that Weatherhall is envisioning. Shrouds of ambient noise (Mr Paris's Monster) and clockworks of jazz-hop (Spine Bubbles) are meant as attractions but sometimes work as distractions. The album and the music do not have a core, a center of mass, a unifying theme, or, ultimately, a meaning.

Two Lone Swordsmen's EP A Virus With Shoes (Warp, 2000) and the album Tiny Reminders (Warp, 2000) recover some of techno's thumping energy. The album is their most impeccable production yet, full of background events and still smooth like a pop song.

Further Reminders (Warp, 2001) is a terrible album of remixes.

Andrew Weatherhall's selection of other producers' tracks for Hypercity (Forcetracks, 2001) is even more dreadful.

Keith Tenniswood is also active as Radioactive Man, that released two collections of highly entertaining and creative dance-music: Radioactive Man (Rotters Golf Club, 2002) and Booby Trap> (Rotters Golf Club, 2003).

Peppered with Spastic Magic (Rotters Golf Club, 2003) is a collection of Two Lone Swordsmen's remixes.

While only partially thought out (just like its predecessors), From the Double Gone Chapel (Warp, 2004) turned out to be Two Lone Swordsmen's best album in four years. The pretext is the addition of vocals, guitar and (live) drums, which, per se, would not be a dramatic departure; but the (rock) way they are used "is" a dramatic departure, or at least a rediscovery of atmospheres long forgotten, particularly the claustrophobic/suicidal sound of Public Image Ltd. Faux, Damp and Taste Of Our Flames sweat sorrow and angst. This new mood is contrasted with the naive, optimistic flimsiness of Formica Fuego and the hysterical/neurotic tics of Stack-Up and The Lurch.

Big Silver Shining Motor of Sin E.P. (Warp, 2004) is an EP that contains (terrible) remixes.

Emissions Audio Output (2006) is a career retrospective of Two Lone Swordsmen that focused on the early albums.

Fulfilling the trend towards rock music and vocal songs of From the Double Gone Chapel, Two Lone Swordsmen's Wrong Meeting I and II (Rotter's Golf Club, 2007) veered decisively towards rock music, barely nodding to the new wave of the 1970s but mostly delivering an eclectic set of personal songs.

Andrew Weatherall died in 2020.

Finita quell'esperienza, Weatherall si e` concentrato sul progetto Two Lone Swordsmen, con Keith Tenniswood. Il monumentale The Fifth Mission (Emissions Audio Output, 1995) e Stay Down (Warp, 1998) continuano in pratica il programma degli ultimi Sabres in maniera piu` austera.
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