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Satanicpornocultshop, which originally was a trio with two rappers (Frosen Pine and Ugh) and a dj (Vinylman) ised a digital mixer and a sampler, and sometimes found instruments like typewriters and broken toys, to shape the cassette Works for the Flea / Works of Flea (1997) and Bossa Bosa (1997), a collaboration with the duo Bossa Bosa (Lisa Tani and Shinya Kageyama). They increasingly specialized in a Dadaistic collage of folk, pop, jazz, plunderphonics, noise and hip-hop in a manner that evoked the Residents, on albums that mostly contained (heavily remixed) covers: Nirvana Or Lunch (1998), with the nine-minute Maggotty Magian Magot, Baltimore 1972 (1999), with Gallon Milk Drunk or Die (9:28) and Heavy Gorilla Metal Open Beaver (15:18), Belle Excentrique (2000), with the eleven-minute Bloom of Decay, Ugh Yoing (2002), Sirocco (2002), Anorexia Gas Balloon (2003), with the title track and its ten-minute reprise, and Piss'en Ass (2003).

Frosen Pine released the solo album You Know What I'm Say? (2005), while the band released Orochi Under The Straight Edge Leaves (2005), Zap Meemees (2005), Takusan No Ohanasan (2008), Catholic Sunspot Apron (2010). Their tenth album Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos (2010), with covers of Missy Elliot, Vashti Bunyan and My Bloody Valentine, was somehow more popular although vastly inferior to the early albums.

The deluge of releases accelerated in the 2010s: Battle Creek Brawl (2012), Anti-buddhist (2012), Picaresque (2013), Maiden Voyage (2013), their "jazz" album, plus five EPs in 2013, Rob A Grave Vol.1 and Vol. 2 (2014), frEEwheelin' (2014), and The Shipboard Gardener (2014), later revised as The Ship With No Cargo (2015) without the beats but with the vocals of Miyuki Nakagaki.

The double-disc AtoZ!!!2 (2014) is a compilation that summarizes the EPs and albums of 2013-14.

Then came El Dia Que Me Quieras (2015), Their Satanic Majesties Sweet Disco Request (2015), Faucet Zero (2015), Satapo's Pancake Repair (2016), Mystic Island (2016), Ebony/Ivory (2017), The Reverse of (2017), Gundensan (2017), with the 31-minute Feed After Midnight, The Rise And Fall (2018), and Oyasumi (2020), the first album without Ugh.

The quality was inveresely proportional to the number of releases, as it is often the case.

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