Claudius Scholer

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Swiss singer-songwriter Claudius Scholer, disguised under the moniker Sky Bird (1991), delivered eccentric folk-rock ballads (the Dylanesque "Eyes Like Rotten Radish" and the tribal "Going Down Again") plus a few gems in the tradition of the French chansonniers ("Searching a Bird." sung a` la Cohen, and the requiem "PasoIini's Trembling") and even a Spanish flamenco ("Your Blue Skirt"). And for highly intellectual lyrics try the singalong "Monster in My Bed" (Syd Barrett playing old time music?)

Scholer stopped making music after 1992, enrolling in the Red Cross and living mainly in Africa, Asia and the Balkans. Relocated to Rwanda, in 2010 he started recording again, notably with Congolese, Kenyan and Rwandan musicians.

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