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Celebrate the Nun was formed by vocalist Hans Peter Geerdes (better known as HP Baaxter) and keyboardist Rick Jordan. They had two synth-pop hits: Will You Be There (1989) and She's a Secretary (1990). The duo later formed Scooter that would become the most successful techno act of all time. The phenomenon started with the singles Hyper Hyper (1994) and especially Move Your Ass (1994), their best song. The album And the Beat Goes On (1995) was mediocre, and its follow-ups Our Happy Hardcore (1996), Wicked (1996) and Age of Love (1997) were even worse, but theirs was a career of singles, not albums. And the hits kept coming: How Much Is The Fish? (1998), Faster Harder Scooter (1999), Ramp the Logical Song (2001), Nessaja (2002), Weekend (2003), Maria (I Like It Loud) (2003), and finally The Question Is What Is the Question? (2007), two years after Aqua had revolutionized the genre of silly techno with Barbie Girl. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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