Six By Seven
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The Things We Make, 6.5/10
The Closer You Get , 5/10
The Way I Feel Today , 6/10
If The Symptoms Persist Kill Your Doctor (2007), 5/10

Six By Seven is a band from England that debuted with an extended single, European Me, a moody shoegazing affair with eerie falsetto vocals, reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine.

The Things We Make (Interscope, 1998) offers a neurotic version of the "Madchester" sound of the Charlatans and the Stone Roses. The hazy Candlelight, the solemn For You and Brilliantly Cute are hallucinations rather than songs. The long Spy Song borders on avantgarde rock. The otherwordly counterpoint between singer Chris Olley and Keyboardist James Flower shines in Oh Dear and 88-92-96. The band has found a magic balance of sounds, halfway between Brit-pop and shoegazing, shunning the excesses of both genres.

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On The Closer You Get (Mantra, 2000), Six By Seven's rhythm and orchestration still sounds like a revival of the "Madchester" sound, but this time around the mix is too anemic (except on the peppery Sawn Off Metallica T-Shirt). Loudness alone does not redeem the lack of direction. Their psychedelic jams drift aimlessly, despite the thick production of guitar diarrheas and organ thrombosis. The band tried to rein in the excesses of The Things We Make but ended up with a mutilated version of itself. An enormous talent is wasted. The album is virtually a concept on the theme of desperation.

The Way I Feel Today (Mantra, 2002) marks a return to the form of the first album, although from a gloomy, semi-gothic perspective (All My New Best Friends, So Close , I.O.U. Love, Cafeteria Rats, The Way I Feel Today).

They returned with the "unplugged" live If The Symptoms Persist Kill Your Doctor (2007).

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Su The Closer You Get (Mantra, 2000) Il ritmo e l'orchestrazione dei Six By Seven suona ancora come un revival del sound "Madchester", ma questa volta il mix e' troppo anemico (eccetto per la pepata Sawn Off Metallica T-Shirt). Le loro jam psichedeliche vanno alla deriva senza uno scopo, malgrado la serrata produzione di chitarristica diarroica e trombosi d'organo.=20 La band ha tentato di imbrigliare gli eccessi di The Things We Make ma e' risultata in una versione mutilata di se'. Un enorme talento sprecato.

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