Sofa Surfers
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Transit (1997) , 6/10
Cargo (1999), 6.5/10
Encounters (2002), 5.5/10
I-Wolf: Soul Strata (2003), 5/10
I-Wolf: I-Wolf And Burdy Meet The Babylonians (2004), 6/10

Austrian group Sofa Surfers (composed of Wolfgang Schloegl, Markus Kienzl, Wolfgang Frisch and Michael Holzgruber) belonged to the post-Massive Attack generation of trip-hoppers and shared several characteristics with Tosca and Thievery Corporation. That their sound was rooted in dub music was clearly explained by their debut single Sofa Rockers. The album, Transit (Klein, 1997), was a diligent reproduction of the aesthetic of trip-hop: 16 vignettes of elegant unpretentious grooves.

Cargo (1999) provided a more intense experience, thanks to tracks such as Yoyogi Uehara, Beans and Rice and The Low Rider, while Container still a liaison to their original dub sound.

Constructions is a remix album.

An even stronger rhythmic presence and a pool of guest rappers made Encounters (Klein, 2002) a less personal statement: Formula (Sensational), 21st Century Army (Oddateee), River Blues (Jeb Loy Nichols), Babylon Tymes (DJ Collage), the industrial dub Home Truth (Mark Stewart), the hip-hop feast of Elusive Scripts (Techno Animal and Dalek), and the faux reggae of See the Light (Junior Delgado), perhaps the standout, do not coalesce or cohere. They merely display the goods of the performers.

See the Light (Klein, 2004) is basically a reissue of Encounters, plus or minus a few tracks.

Wolfgang Schloegl debuted solo under the moniker I-Wolf with Soul Strata (2003), an ambitious but disposable fusion of jazz, soul and hip-hop, followed with I-Wolf And Burdy Meet The Babylonians (2004), that added ethnic sounds ((Wonders And Signs) and catchy melodies (Kingdom Prize) to the blend.

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