Spice Girls

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Forever , 4/10

The British female quintet Spice Girls were the most famous musical act in their country throughout the second half of the 1990s, starting with the hit Wannabe (1996) and selling more than 20 million copies of the awful albums Spice (1996) and Spiceworld (1997). The Spice Girls were as silly as the Beatles, and as popular in the British tabloids, but never learned how to write a decent melody.

After four years of marriages, babies and divorces, they returned with Forever (Virgin, 2000) and the sophisticated, high-tech rhythm and blues of Holler.

Just like the Beatles, the Spice Girls had already proved their worth with their side projects: Melanie C's Northern Star (1999) and Melanie B's Hot (2000) are as dull as Paul McCartney's solo albums.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Massimiliano Pugno)

Le Spice Girls hanno raggiunto gli stessi livelli di stupiditů dei Beatles (e la medesima popolaritů sui giornali inglesi), ma non hanno mai imparato a scrivere delle melodie decenti. Dopo 4 anni di matrimoni, bambini e divorzi, produssero Forever (Virgin, 2000) e il sofisticato, rhythm and blues "tecnologico" di Holler. Come i Beatles, le SPice Girls hanno dimostrato il loro valore attraverso i loro progetti collaterali. Gli album Northern Star (1999) di Melanie C. e Hot (2000) di Melanie B., sono creativi quanto i lavori da solista di Paul McCartney

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