Super Friendz
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Mock Up Scale Down, 5/10
Love Energy (2003), 4/10

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I Superfriendz hanno coronato l'ascesa della new wave di Halifax con Mock Up Scale Down (Murder, 1995), e canzoni come 10 Lbs e One Day che migliorano la formula degli Sloan.
Super Friendz are part of the Halifax (Canada) new wave, and they line up with the (melodic) right wing. Mock Up Scale Down (Murderecords, 1995) is a collection of romantic and unpretentious ditties (10 Lbs, One Day).

Sticktoitiveness (March, 1997) is an anthology of the first three years.

Matt Murphy formed the Flashing Lights, that released Where the Change Is (1999).

Super Friendz reunited for Love Energy (Outside, 2003).

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