Richard Thomas
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Shoes And Radios Attract Paint , 6/10
Seven Point Plan To Destroy Astrology , 5/10
Soggy Martyrs , 6/10

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Richard Thomas is a Welsh avantgarde composer whose recordings display an uncanny ear for melody, a passion for studio gimmickry and a painter's mind for odd jazz undercurrents. Thomas first surfaced with the brief musical vignettes he contributed to the compilation Invisible Soundtracks: Macro 1 (Leaf): Menage Trois, Here I Am, Intrusion Reported By Witness, Muffin Spencer-Devlin/Hawaii II, Dirt vs Earth (Part II).

Shoes And Radios Attract Paint (Lo, 1998) shows debts to minimalism, ambient and free jazz but the result is uniquely Thomas'. Trumpet, saxophone, bass loops and found vocals augment his electronic and digital soundscapes.
Tracks: The Horla/Occupying the distance shreder , Echo-locator , Darbytuff (Tempered) , Sumo Groupies/Antelope Valley High , Stanton Ductile Warrior , Valley of the Interlocking Spurs , Return to Pow-7 , Gurl Trivia , Ordure Rechauffe , Waxy Flexibility (Part Three)

The single What My Eyes Can See (Leaf, 1998) contains tiny pieces like Manicougan 5 (that already appeared on the compilation Classic Plant).

Seven Point Plan To Destroy Astrology (Lo, 1999) are remixed of compositions of the obscure group Wormholes.

Soggy Martyrs (Lo, 2000) returns to Shoes' digitally enhanced (de-)composition.
Tracks: Basics of Cardiac Ausculation , I am carnal, and I know that you approve , Ask the Eightball , Manicougan 5 , Absolute Winter , Acid-free Atlantis , Echo/Kilo/Whisky , In your mouth , Dé Polie/Perla , Darkness Sucker , I Will Rock You , Ruthless People , Ice cream/Fingers , The Eagle/N Space-Em Space ,

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