Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can
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Large Marge Sent Us , 6/10
Not Particularly Silly , 6/10
The Cool Album , 5/10
Superstar , 5/10

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I tedeschi Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can sono la quintessenza del pop piu` naif. Il secondo Large Marge Sent Us (SpinArt), in particolare scodella ritornelli della portata di Heaven Sent e When I'm Dead, si lancia in imitazioni comiche di surf (Acid Dj) e country (Mummy Mummy), confessa il proprio debole per i cartoni animati (Batman Stinks e I Wish I Was Mickey Mouse). The Cool Album accentua l'impressione che il gruppo prenda le mosse dalle canzoncine di Jonathan Richman, da quei rituali per adolescenti gioviali e goliardi.
German combo Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can embody the quintessence of naive pop. They debuted with three singles and the mini-album Tweng (September Gurls, 1988), that were collected on the album Large Marge Sent Us (September Gurls, 1989). Klaus Cornfield sings power-pop refrains such as Heaven Sent and When I'm Dead and confesses his passion for the cartoons (Batman Stinks e I Wish I Was Mickey Mouse), while the band apes surf (Acid Dj) sand country (Mummy Mummy).

Not Particularly Silly (Electrola, 1991) takes advantages from a general improvement in technical skills, and showcases co-singer Lotsi Lapislazuli. The more professional arrangements further enhance the hummability of their songs.

The Cool Album (Electrola, 1992) is a toned-down effort that seems to borrow the romantic/happy-go-lucky stance from Jonathan Richman's teenage rituals. The songs are more predictable and wink at mainstream pop.

The band then veered the other way with Superstar (Electrola, 1994), their most energetic and least soulful collection.

Klaus Cornfield and Lotsi Lapislazuli also released the childish nonsense Little Tigers (Musical Tragedies, 1991), a collection of nursery rhymes and assorted jokes recorded in their bathroom.

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