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Seefeel's producer and collaborator Mark Van Hoen recorded albums of Aphex Twin-ian ambient electronic dance music such as The Last Flowers From The Darkness (Touch, 1997), which collects recordings from 1992 to 1996, and Playing with Time (1998). His best venture into this style was probably Weathered Well (1994), released under the moniker Locust. The cosmic tranquillity of Still and the mysterious, exotic atmosphere of Prospero contrast with the comic, tribal techno-polka of Weathered Gate and the Caribbean industrial Music About Love.

In Remembrance Of Times Past (1994) and Natural Composite (1994) assemble music dating back to 1982.

Locust's Truth Is Born of Arguments (1995) embraced industrial dance in Truth Is Born Of Arguments and Penetration. Unfortunately it sags after these two vibrant initial pieces.

Locust became a song-oriented project on Morning Light (1998), that employed guest vocalists; an idea replicated on the "quadrophonic" Wrong (2001), consisting of two CDs to be played simultaneously on two devices. Both albums feature cute moments but are hardly revolutionary.

After The Warmth Inside You (Very Friendly, 2004) he was silent for several years. Relocating to New York in 2008, he concocted hodgepodges of mildly danceable atmospheric electronica such as Where Is the Truth (City Centre Offices, 2010). The Revenant Diary (Editions Mego, 2012) resurrected early Van Hoen experiments, as did The Worcester Tapes 1983-1987 (2017).

Locust returned with the mediocre You'll Be Safe Forever (2013), which sounds like a collection of leftovers, and After The Rain (2014), which contains the angelic neoclassical madrigal of To Lonely Shores.

Van Hoen also released the seven computer collages of Invisible Threads (Touch, 2018).

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