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Yulara is the project of Berlin's keyboardist Robert Matt and flute/saxophone player Annie Hilsberg. All Is Us (Higher Octave, 1996) fused world-music a` la Enigma (Banemai) with jazz-rock a` la Weather Report (Uno Domini) and elegant funk-soul disco music (Moon Ini, Connie Cing Dreamtime). The lengthy Ho Doi fails to be the "experimental" track that it would like to be.

Cosmic Tree (Higher Octave, 1998) took that concept to a more bodily dimension, from the moderately danceable world-music of Horizon and the ethereal dub-inflected fantasy Tribute To Allah to the full-fledged disco-jazz shuffle Narayana and the Afro-gamelan-funk propulsion of Riksha Heaven. The nine-minute All The Way creates a futuristic lounge atmosphere while quoting Shaft-style soul music.

The more electronic Future Tribe (Higher Octave, 2000), instead, failed to establish them as a viable popular alternative to ambient music.

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