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Cookies (2007), 6/10
Kicks (2009), 4.5/10

Scottish trio 1990s, fronted by vocalist and guitarist Jackie McKeown, debuted with Cookies (Rough Trade, 2007). Despite their self-professed admiration for the Rolling Stones, their catchy and effervescent singalongs You Made Me Like It (anthemic a` la Joe Jackson with traces of T.Rex) and See You at the Lights (poppy a` la Elvis Costello) seemed to evoke the late 1970s of pub-rock, while Arcade Precinct and Cult Status hark back to the new wave and to its forebear Lou Reed.

The hype rapidly faded away and what was left could be found on Kicks (Rough Trade, 2009), a collection of mediocre uninspired songs in the worst Brit-pop tradition (The Box, Vondelpark, Tell Me When You're Ready). Kickstrasse and Everybody Please Relax are cute reworkings of new-wave stereotypes, but too little to justify an album.

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