Ilyas Ahmed

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Minnesota's resident Pakistani-born Ilyas Ahmed was one of the many prolific solo-guitarists in the vein of John Fahey and Jack Rose but he leaned towards the raga-psychedelic end of the spectrum. In his music the acoustic guitar was not the only protagonist but the center of mass for a blurred soundscape of wordless vocals, piano, eerie drones and sparse percussion. Thus Between Two Skies (2005), Speaking Of Shadows (2006), Century Of Moonlight (2006), Yahan Aur Wahan (2006), etc. The four acoustic guitar improvisations Towards The Night (2006) were probably his most impressive recording. The Vertigo Of Dawn (Time-Lag, 2008) compiles early works.

Goner (Root Strata, 2009) was his "rock" album: electric guitar, bass and drums and virtually no acoustic instrument. Ahmed, however, had not completely mastered the new format on the confused With Endless Fire (Immune, 2012).

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