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Charlie Changed His Mind (2004), /10
Familiar Espionage (2007), /10
Ghost Surveillance (2010), 5/10

Chicago's Algernon, the brainchild of guitarist Dave Miller, debuted with Charlie Changed His Mind (2004).

A new line-up consisting of Miller, former Larval guitarist Toby Summerfield, vibraphonist Katie Wiegman, bassist Tom Perona and drummer Cory Healey, recorded Familiar Espionage (2007).

Ghost Surveillance (Cuneiform, 2010) has little in common with the convoluted and brainy structures of post-rock. Its instrumental pieces are elegant and manicured. The fluid instrumental The Briefing manages to wed Police (uplifting soul-jazz) and Modern Lovers (rude garage-rock). The Caribbean-tinged frenzy of Broken Lady turns into a gospel-like torch ballad. Timekiller is a serious version of Frank Zappa's orchestral nonsense-rock. Everybody Stay Calm is the most original piece here, a concerto of subaquatic vibraphone notes that turns into a space jam. Unfortunately, the eight-minute Operative Vs Opposition and the eleven-minute Debrief And Defect (which would theoretically be the centerpieces) do not amount to much: they aimlessly change course all the time without delivering any major surprise. The dissonant and chaotic hard-rock surge of Objective Compromised is interesting for a few seconds but fails to exploit its potential.

Miller also played in Rebel Souls, Zing, Blink and New Fracture Quartet.

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