Alkaline Trio

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Goddamnit (1998), 6.5/10
Maybe I'll Catch Fire (1999), 5/10
From Here to Infirmary (2001), 4/10
Good Mourning (2003), 4/10
Crimson (2005), 5/10
Agony and Irony (2008), 4/10

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Alkaline Trio, a Chicago trio formed by vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba, debuted with the catchy emo-pop of the singles Sundials (1997) and For Your Lungs Only (1998), and of the entire razor-sharp album Goddamnit (Asian Man, 1998), that also contains signature song San Francisco and Nose Over Tail.

Maybe I'll Catch Fire (Asian Man, 1999) adds Radio, Fuck You Aurora and Maybe I'll Catch Fire to their punk canon, but the trio failed to stand up to their debut.

The Alkaline Trio (Asian Man, 2000) is an anthology of their singles.

From Here to Infirmary (Vagrant, 2001), with the classic Private Eye, and the somber Good Mourning (Vagrant, 2003), with This Good Be Love, We've Had Enough and Every Thug Needs A Lady, were major disappointments. They completely failed to recapture the brutal magic of their debut.

The split Alkaline Trio and One Man Army (2004) is not exactly state of the art punk-rock.

Crimson (Vagrant, 2005) boasts a more mainstream sound. If nothing else, the compromise does not sound as awkward as on the previous two albums. Skiba and Dan Andriano's harmonies are lively and spicy, appropriately roasted by Skiba's guitar riffs. The Poison and Mercy Me mark a sort of punk-pop maturity, but the rest of the album is unbearable to anyone who has spent 29 years listening to punk-rock.

Falcon, that debuted with Unicornography (Red Scare, 2006), was a supergroup made of Brendan Kelly of the Lawrence Arms, Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio), Tod Mohney (Rise Against) and Neil Hennessy (Lawrence Arms).

Agony and Irony (2008) was the typical pointless collection of mainstream music, selling a stereotypical style rather than substance (Calling All Skeletons).

This Addiction (2010) sits halfway between the mainstream sound of Agony and Irony and the rowdy style of their early days, but only a handful of songs survive the hybrid approach (Dine Dine My Darling, The American Scream).

Damnesia (2011) contains acoustic versions of some of their classics.

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