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Tragic Epilogue (2000), 6.5/10
Shopping Carts Crashing (2001), 6/10
Arrhythmia (2002), 6.5/10
Beans: Tomorrow Right Now (2003), 6/10
Beans: Shock City Maverick (2004), 5/10
Anti-Pop Consortium: Fluorescent Black (2009), 6/10

Following The Isolationist (1999), a collaboration with DJ Vadim, the Antipop Consortium rejuvinated hip-hop with their debut album, Tragic Epilogue (2000), that branched out towards the new aesthetics of "glitch" music (as in Autechre). Producer Earl Blaize's disjointed arrangements (reminiscent of early electro productions) propelled the trio of vocalists (poet "Beans" and former filmmakers "High Priest" and "M Sayyid") towards the almost psychedelic heights of What Am I. via the oneiric Your World Is Flat, the futuristic Lift, the decadent 9.99, the free-form collage of Eyewall, and especially the atmospheric Monster Sex, wrapped in glitchy static noise. The weakest element is the rapping itself. Neither the voices nor the lyrics are particularly enticing. The monotonous narrations of Laundry, Sllab, Heatrays, etc. are the problem, not the solution. The arrangements only partially redeem the words. Even when they are inventive, they sound shy and thin.

Their "digital hip-hop" became even more ambitious on Shopping Carts Crashing (2001), although the real songs mostly failed (M being the notable exception) and the best was to be found in the brief instrumental intermezzos and in a couple of futuristic tracks (Excerpt From The Forthcoming Epic, Systaltic Quiescence).

Arrhythmia (2002) was much more conventional and accessible, almost "pop" despite the name of the consortium (Human Shield).
Tracks: 1. Contraption 0:58 2. Bubblz 3:26 3. Ping Pong 2:42 4. Dead ln Motion 4:18 5. Mega 2:24 6. Silver Heat 3:14 7. EKG 0:30 8. Ghostlawns 3:24 9. We Kill Soap Scum 3:14 10. Z St. 2:51 11. Traum 2:22 12. Tron Man Speaks 1:57 13. Focused 2:27 14. Conspiracy Of Myth 3:34 Human Shield 4:30

Beans' solo album Tomorrow Right Now (2003), containing the single Phreek the Beat, adopted a more intellectual stance, further abstracting his spoken-word style and pinning it against intelligent instrumental hip-hop. Shock City Maverick (2004) is much more straightforward dance music (You're Dead Let's Disco, Papercut, Shock City Maverick, A Force of Edge, Death By Sophistication).

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Dopo The Isolationist(1999) insieme a DJ Vadim, Antipop Consortium ringiovanii l’hip-hop con il debutto Tragic Epilogue (2000) che si ricollega alla nuova estetica del glitch (come per gli Autechre). Gli arragiamenti sfasati del producer Earl Blaize(che ricordano le prime produzioni electro) infiammano il trio di mc’s(il poeta "Beans" e i già filmakers "High Priest" e "M Sayyd") tra le vette quasi psichedeliche di What Am I.

Il loro hip-hop digitale divenne piu’ ambizioso in Shopping Carts Crashing (2001), anche se i pezzi meno riusciti( ad eccezione di M)e quelli piu’validi sono da ricercarsi tra i brevi intermezzi strumentali ed in un paio di brani futuristi(Excerpt From The Forthcoming Epic, Systaltic Quiescence).

Il successivoArrhythmia (2002) è stato piu’accessibile e convenzionale.

Il debutto solista di Beans Tomorrow Right Now (2003), che contiene il singolo Phreek the Beat, adotto’ un’istanza piu’intellettuale, astraendo ulteriormente lo stile spoken-word e appuntandolo contro l’hip-hop strumentale. Shock City Maverick (2004), è maggiormente indirizzato verso la dance music (You're Dead Let's Disco, Papercut, Shock City Maverick, A Force of Edge, Death By Sophistication).

Beans' Thorns (Adored and Exploited, 2008) is more organic than its predecessor but also less vital, and End It All (2011) felt a bit obsolete in 2011.

Beans, High Priest, and M. Sayyid reformed the Anti-Pop Consortium for Fluorescent Black (Big Dada, 2009), their first album together in six years, that also featured producer Earl Blaize. The general course is the same inaugurated with Arrhythmia (2002), a "poppy" one (relatively speaking). Hence the emotional Born Electric and Volcano. There are still jarring experiments with beats and arrangements, notably New Jack Exterminator, Capricorn One and Lay Me Down, but that doesn't sound like it's the point anymore.

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