Maor Appelbaum

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Israeli electronic musician Maor Appelbaum collaborated with Maurizio Bianchi on Environmental Meditations (Topheth Prophet, 2006) and Electrostatic Deflection (Silentes Minimal Editions, 2007), and then with Hollowing (Matt Gibney) on Collaborating Torture (Topheth Prophet, 2008). He formed the duo Poochlatz with Israeli vocalist Rani Zager and they released the industrial noisescape of Victims of Self-Preservation (2006). Even more extreme was the 20-minute live jam of the EP Thanks For Giving In (Something On The Road, 2007). The duo added drummer Matan Shmuelli to form Grave in the Sky, a trio that featured electronics but no guitar, whose Cutlery Hits China - English For The Hearing Impaired (Heart & Crossbone, 2007) bridged Throbbing Gristle's industrial music, garage-rock and doom-metal. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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