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Armpit (the duo of Noone Clayton and Jon Sugar) were heirs to New Zealand's tradition of atonal rock a` la Dead C. Butta Daze (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2003) and and the double-disc The Praying Mantis (Pseudo Arcana, 2003) were the musical equivalent of galaxies of unstable antimatter. Mano O Mano (Rhizome, 2005) and the five-disc Reach Out (Dreamtime Taped Sounds, 2007) refined the concept for the mini-album Tron (Last Visible Dog, 2009).

Clayton Noone's project CJA offered psychedelic bedroom folk-rock on Ironclad (Last Visible Dog, 2005) but then greatly expanded its stylistic palette on the double-disc Pink Metal (PseudoArcana, 2007), a genre-defying hodgepodge of free-form, atonal, droning and folk music. Impact Wound (TanzProcesz, 2007) sounded like the ideal conflation of three historic strands of New Zealand's rock music: Dead C's wall of noise, Roy Montgomery's guitar soundpainting and Clean lo-fi punk-folk.

Noone also formed the prolific Futurians that released albums of lo-fi industrial garage-rock such as: Exterminate (Pink Skulls, 2003), Faktory (Soft Abuse, 2004), Robot In Disguise (The Seedy R, 2004), Pimp My Tardis (267 lattajjaa, 2005), the double-album Evil Dead (Foxglove, 2006), Spock Ritual (Invisible Spies, 2007), Chaos Manner (Last Visible Dog, 2010), etc. One of their members was Pumice (Stephan Neville).

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