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A Cassette Tape Culture (2010) , 6/10

New York-based aTelecine, a collaboration between porn actress Sasha Grey and electronic musician Pablo StFrancis, debuted with the EP And Six Dark Hours Pass EP (Dais Records, 2010) in the vein of the British gothic industrial music of the 1980s (notably Nurse With Wound).

A Cassette Tape Culture (Pendu Sound Recordings, 2010) delivers Brian Eno-esque eletronic instrumentals such as Chroeg Xen and She Is Beautiful as well as more disorienting sound collages such as It's All Write and A Cassette Played. Out of the pretty gentle chaos there emerge devastated pop songs such as Elijah's New Sun.

Orphans of Sasha Grey, Atelecine composed the sci-fi movie soundtrack Entkopplung (Dais, 2012).

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