Matthew Dear

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Matthew Dear: Leave Luck To Heaven (2003), 6.5/10
Audion: Suckfish (2005), 6/10
Matthew Dear: Asa Breed (2007), 5.5/10
Matthew Dear: Black City (2010), 6/10

Detroit-based Texas-born producer Matthew Dear wed the figure of the microhouse dj and the figure of the singer-songwriter in his energetic early singles, Dog Days (2003) and Anger Management (2003), and on the vocal tracks of Leave Luck To Heaven (Spectral, 2003), such as It's Over Now. The mini-album Backstroke (2004), containing Tide and Grut Wall, was less successful.

As introduced by the EP Kisses (2004) and by the 70-minute anthology Suckfish (Spectral, 2005), Audion is another side of Matthew Dear, the primal, driving, loud, hardcore side. The album collects singles and some new material. It is roughly divided into more physical (The Pong, Vegetables) and more pyschological (Wield, Your Place Or Mine) pieces, but overall this is a much more straightforward kind of dance music than the one released under Dear's name.

Matthew Dear started singing on his next two albums, first to accompany the dancefloor bliss of Asa Breed (2007), with the catchy Don and Sherri and Deserter, and then to further disorient the intricate production of Black City (Ghostly International, 2010). The latter includes the erotic tour de force of You Put A Smell On Me and virtuoso shows like the way he deconstructs the synth-pop of Little People (like a remix of Human League's Fascination). The EP Headcage (2012) continued to move towards the then fashionable synth-pop of the 1980s (Headcage) and the then fashionable soul-hop ballad (In the Middle). This music's main drawback is his voice, that can hardly be called "vocals".

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