Aufgehoben No Process

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Khora (2008) , 6.5/10

English noise-meisters Aufgehoben No Process were largerly an invention of drummer Stephen Robinson, who edited in studio the savage improvisations of his quartet (guitar, electronics, two drummers) to produce the percussive and distorted mayhem of The Violence Of Appropriation (Junior Meat, 1999). The piece begins with a crescendo of pounding drums and screaming guitar distorions. The frenzy reaches superhuman proportions and then hardly demurs. The two "collaborations" with guitarist Gary Smith, Magnetic Mountain (Junior Meat, 2001) and Anno Fauve (Fourier Transform, 2004), approached the madness of Japanese noisecore.

After the less corrosive Messidor (Holy Mountain, 2006), the 27-minute Jederfursich, off Khora (Holy Mountain, 2008), edited at the same time as the previous one, marked the insanely solemn zenith of Robinson's post-processing art. The same album contains another peak of violence, the unbridled bacchanal of Ignorance Oblivion Contempt, which is only four minutes long but those are four incendiary minutes. After a lame beginning, A Bastard Reasoning too plunges into a dissonant mayhem, something akin to the fast-forward version of a free-jazz improvisation.

Fragments Of The Marble Plan (Holy Mountain, 2012) further increased the level and noise.

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