Autumn's Grey Solace
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Autumn's Grey Solace, the duo of instrumentalist Scott Ferrell and vocalist Erin Welton, debuted with Within The Depths Of A Darkened Forest (2002). The electric guitar became more prominent on Over the Ocean (Projekt, 2004) and Riverine (Projekt, 2005), so that the duo's sound became reminiscent of British shoegazing bands of the 1980s.

Shades Of Grey (Projekt, 2006) runs the gamut from guitar solos that evoke progressive-rock and heavy-metal (Cold Sea) to dilated ethereal vocal flights (Still), but, as a whole, it is mostly derivative and confused, alternating between catchy refrains (Fodderwing), psychedelic-folk litanies (Shades of Grey) and pop balladry masquerading as neoclassical hymns (The Cell).

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