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Avarus, a collective of musicians derived from fellow Finnish ensembles, pursued the most avantgarde form of "free folk", bordering on both free jazz and musique concrete. The fundamental elements of their sonic whirlwinds of the mid 2000s were guitar feedback, primitive instrumental plucking, haphazard drumming, and amateurish garage rave-ups; but then the product was subjected to a variety of tortures in the studio, distorting it via tape loops, enhancing it with samples, playing it backwards or at variable speed. The result often resembled abstract noise. The most creative jams were those on the mini-album A-V-P (2003), II (2006) and Rasvaaja (2007).

Horuksen Keskimmaisen Silman Mysteerikoulu (2001) and III (2002) were still too fragmented.

The propulsive Jattilaisrotta (2004) was a nice interlude.

Ruskea Timantti (tUMULt, 2005) is a double-disc anthology. Vesikansi (2006) and Kirppujen Saari (2008) are live albums. Toosassa (Ultra Eczema, 2009) documents live performances.

IV (Ikuisuus, 2009) is a mediocre appendix.

Salon Des Amateurs (2013) contains two untitled suites recorded in may 2011.

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