Azure Ray

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Azure Ray (2001), 6/10
Burn and Shiver (2002), 5/10
Hold on Love (2003), 5/10
Now It's Overhead: Now It's OVerhead (2001), 5/10
Now It's Overhead: Fall Back Open (2004), 5/10
Maria Taylor: 11:11 (2005), 6/10
Maria Taylor: Lynn Teeter Flower (2007), 4/10
Orenda Fink: Invisible Ones (2005), 6/10
O+S: O+S (2009), 5/10
Drawing Down the Moon (2010), 5/10

Azure Ray is a Georgia-based duo, namely Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor, who used to be in rock group Little Red Rocket and released Who Did You Pay (1997).

Azure Ray (Warm, 2001) was a collection of folk-pop vignettes for breathy vocals a` la Mazzy Star and chamber arrangements (Sleep, Displaced, Rise). The EP November (Saddle Creek, 2002) added the elegantly catchy November.

The girls' fragile music is supported on Burn and Shiver (Warm, 2002) by more robust acoustic and electronic arrangements. Alas, the songwriting and the melodies were much weaker. How You Remember, Raining in Athens, Favorite Cities are the notable exceptions.

Hold on Love (Saddle Creek, 2003) is more of the same, without adequate inspiration and virtually any technical progress. New Resolution and If You Fall are just a bit more lively than usual. Nothing Like A Song is simply a rewrite of November.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da David Bonnano)

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Gli Azure Ray sono duo con base in Georgia , Orenda Fink e Maria Taylor, in precedenza suonavano con i Little Red Rocket , un gruppo rock con cui hanno pubblicato l'album "Who Did You Pay" (1997).

Azure Ray (Warm,2001) è una raccolta di vignette folk-pop per vocalizzi sospirati a la Mazzy Star , e arrangiamenti da camera (Sleep, Displaced, Rise).L'Ep Novembre (Saddle Creek, 2002) aggiunge l'elegante  brano omonimo.

Su "Burn and Shiver (Warm, 2002) la musica fragile di queste ragazze viene supportata da arrangiamenti acustici e elettronici più robusti. Peccato che la scrittura e le melodie siano più deboli. How You Remember, Raining in Athens e Favorite Cities sono le uniche degne di nota.

Hold on Love (Saddle Creek, 2003) non si discosta molto dal disco prededente, senza l'adeguata ispirazione né alcun progresso tecnico. New Resolution e If You Fall sono solo un po' più vivaci del solito. Nothing Like A Song non è che una riscrittura di November.

Azure Ray helped Andy LeMaster's project Now It's OVerhead record Now It's OVerhead (Saddle Creek, 2001), a confused confessional pop-folk affair. Azure Ray's Maria Taylor became part of Andy LeMaster's band and plays also on his second album Fall Back Open (Saddle Creek, 2004).

Maria Taylor's solo album 11:11 (Saddle Creek, 2005) is a collection of gentle breathy ballads (Song Beneath The Song), while Orenda Fink's Invisible Ones (Saddle Creek, 2005) is a more innovative work that draws from gothic and ethnic sources.

Taylor's Lynn Teeter Flower (2007) was a more conventional stab at radio-friendly folk-pop.

Orenda Fink and Scalpelist (Remy Z's Cedric LeMoyne) launched the project O+S with the mediocre O+S (2009), centered upon the atmospheric and hypnotic orchestration instead of her vocals.

Azure Ray's Drawing Down the Moon (2010) was largely uneventful background music.

(Translation by/ Tradotto da Gioele P. Cima)

Le Azure Ray diedero il loro apporto a Andy LeMaster nel suo progetto Now It's OVerhead (Saddle Creek, 2001), una confusa confessione pop-folk. Marya Taylor delle Azure Ray entrò nella band di Andy LeMaster e diede il suo contributo musicale anche al secondo album, Fall Back Open (Saddle Creek, 2004).

L'album da solista di Maria Taylor, 11:11, (Saddle Creek, 2005) è una raccolta di ansimanti e placide ballate (Song Beneath The Song); mentre Invisible Ones di Orenda Fink (Saddle Creek, 2005) si presenta come un lavoro più innovativo che accinge dalle sorgenti del gotico e dell'etnico.

Lynn Teeter Flower (2007) di Maria Taylor si trattò di un tentativo più convenzionale di folk-pop commerciale.

Orenda Fink e Scalpelist (Cedric LeMoyne dei Remy Zero) incisero O+S, traccia omonima di O+S (2009), incentrato sulle orchestrazioni atmosferiche e ipnotiche piuttosto che sui vocalizzi.

Drawing Down the Moon (2010) delle Azure Ray non fu altro che una monotona colonna sonora dream-pop.

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