Bathtub Shitter

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Japanese quartet Bathtub Shitter, fronted by psychotic shouter Masato Morimoto, delivered a screwball amalgam of noisecore and death-metal on Wall Of World Is Words (Farewell, 2000 - Power It Up, 2004), Lifetime Shitlist (Shit Jam Records, 2003) and Dancehall Grind (Shitjam Records, 2005 - Rip Roaring Shit Storm, 2012).

Early Yeah(s) (Shitjam, 2005) is an anthology. Shitter At Salzgitter (Power It Up, 2006) documents a live concert.

Bathtub Shitter's Horino formed Maggut, that debuted with Into The Gore (Bloodbath, 2004).

The EP Bathtub Shitter Xmas (tUMULt, 2005) was Bathtub Shitter's blaspheme Christmas offering.

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