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Juniper (i.e. Damien Rice, Paul Noonan, Brian Crosby, Dominic Philips, David Geraghty) were a rock band from Ireland formed in 1991. They debuted with EP The J-Plane (1994), which they followed up with another EP Manna (1996), the two singles, Weatherman and World Is Dead (Polygram) were released in 1998. When the band was about to record their debut album, Damien Rice decided to quit the band and the remaining members continued under the new name Bell X1, while Rice pursued a solo career.

Bell X1 released Neither Am I (Universal, 2000), Music In Mouth (Island, 2003), Flock (Island, 2005).

Unfortunately most of their songs are dejavu of aimless arena-pop ballads. Blue Lights On The Runway (BellyUp, 2009), the first album without Brian Crosby, offered more sophisticated structures for their trademark ballads (Light Catches Your Face, The Curtains Are Twitchin') but scored with more livelier material (The Rib of a Broken Umbrella and the Talking Heads-ian The Great Defector) and announced even higher ambitions in the seven-minute Amelia.

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