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Programmed To Love (2000), 6.5/10
The Everlasting Blink (2003), 5/10

Bent are an English electronic-dance duo (Simon Mills and Nail Tolliday) that belong to the revisionist generation of Air. Programmed To Love (Ministry, 2000) was in fact the best post-modernist essay that Air never wrote. Simple cute ditties with female vocals (Private Road, A Ribbon for My Hair, Nana Mouskouri's I Love My Man) captured the imagination and the dancefloor, while Swollen, the extended Always and Exercise 1 betrayed their futurist agenda, and I Remember Johnny winked at the Groove Armada.

The Everlasting Blink (Guidance, 2003) flirts more explicitly and less metaphorically with campy music of the past (Beautiful Otherness) and the result is less fresh and even less evocative.

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