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Community of Commotion (2005), 6.5/10 Links:

Washington-based multi-instrumentalist Chuck Bettis has played in All Scars, a collective of avantgarde musicians (for which he plays vocals, trumpet, electronics, keyboard and percussion), Dorkestra, Trance And The Arcade, the duo of Bettis on laptop sounds and / Jorge Castro on laptop visuals, that has released Harmonic Architecture (Mass Particles), Survival in Infinity (Mass Particles) and a number of DVDs.

Community of Commotion (North East Indie, 2005) is the first collection of laptop-based compositions to be released under Bettis' own name. Bettis frequently toys with the human voice (Playful Moaner, Bleeding Orphan, Angry Rainbow), but he achieves his best syntheses with the glitchy electronic scores, reminiscent of early musique concrete and of videogame soundtracks: Mood Orifice, a laptop duo with Ikue Mori, Deathmetal Dancehall, Motion Narcolepsy, Holographic Universe. These are mini-symphonies of chaotic nonsense that signal the end of harmony as we know it. Also noteworthy is the hyper, evil, drum'n'bass of Atheist Revolt, a fine idea that does not get fully explored in this album.

The EP Sonic Sigils documents seven improvisations of 2003.

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