Big Pink

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A Brief History Of Love (2009) , 6/10

The Big Pink, i.e. the English duo of Milo Cordell and Robbie Furze, were one of the British "next big things" of 2009 thanks to the idea of blending Verve-era Brit-pop, Loop-style shoegazing and "Madchester"'s euphoria. A Brief History Of Love (4AD, 2009) collects the singles Too Young to Love (distorted guitars, tribal drums, hypnotic psalm), Velvet (electronic beat a` la Men Without Hats' Safety Dance, circular guitar riff and hymn-like vocal melody) and Dominos, and adds melodic danceable ditties such as Crystal Visions. The album is bogged down by some dejavu melodies and atmospheres borrowed from the 1980s (best At War With The Sun) and by some truly inane songs.

Tapes (!K7, 2010) is a mix tape.

Future This (2012) sounded like a collection of leftovers from the first album appended to the new catchy single, Stay Gold. The worst ethos of the Brit-pop industry.

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