Christopher Bissonnette
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Periphery (2005), 6/10

Ontario-based multimedia artist and techno producer Christopher Bissonnette half of the experimental duo Disseminator Audio with Mark Laliberte and a member of the collective Thinkbox, creates music out of sampled sounds.

Periphery (Kranky, 2005) contains seven lengthy demonstrations of his technique. The ten-minute In Accordance mixes acid organ drones, discrete piano notes and underwater sonar pulses, all of them being swallowed at the end by a buzzing choir. Comfortable Expectations even manages to build up a sense of drama via the majestic drone of a pipe organ. The extended tremolo of Substratum is perhaps the most subtle experiment, as the texture does not seem to vary while in fact it varies dramatically. These long, droning and relatively static pieces are noteworthy mainly for how they manage to let coexist a spiritual and a scientific quality. One can hear echoes of Tibetan music at the same time that one feels the importance of digital technology. Some of the tracks (Proportion In Motions, Traveling Light, Pellucidity) may have value for the composer but sound rather trivial to the listener.

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