Black Halos
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Black Halos , 6/10
The Violent Years , 5/10
Alive Without Control (2005), 4/10

Vancouver (Canada) has a noble tradition in punk-rock and Black Halos is a band that harks back to the masters of the genre, the New York Dolls. The single Retro World/ 1010 (Devil Doll) is the model for all the tracks of Black Halos (Die Young, 1999): short, fast, loud, melodic ditties. Plus Shooting Star, Dog Day and Fucked From The Start rhyme with teen angst the way the Sex Pistols rhymed with desperation.

The Violent Years (Subpop, 2001) spits another dose of venom. Some Things Never Fall is quintessential "oi" epos and Last Of The 1% ers burns with homicidal Germs frenzy. Far less successful when (Jane Doe) they merely copycat the New York Dolls, and when they slow down to ballad tempo (50 Bourbon St sounds like Bob Dylan on testerone), they still deliver a few k.o. punches. Among countless echoes of Stiff Little Fingers and Buzzcocks, epic choruses and breathtaking progressions, one can see that the band is growing up and therefore toning down their anger. The future may lie in a song like No Class Reunion, that has all the ingredients of a great punk-rock song but somehow sounds more like Bruce Springsteen than Johnny Rotten.

Alive Without Control (Century Media, 2005) is the album of a trite pub band.

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