Black Vomit

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Jungle Death (2009) , 7/10

Black Vomit from Sheffield (England) concocted an ear-splitting post-rock rumination on grindcore, black metal, industrial music and acid-rock on Jungle Death (Rusty Axe, 2009). The eerie quiet of A Premonition Of Inevitable Doom, already destabilized by an ominous rumble, is devastated by the extreme fit of instrumental grindcore of Deluge From Hell. The ambient intermezzo Condeclint5 is followed by the apocalyptic atmosphere of the wall of noise of Vigilante Night. The funereal sideral drones of Last Cries Of The Lost, briefly revealing an ecosystem of pagan dances and shrieks, decays into the electronic bubbles, the miasmatic emissions and the hyperkinetic tom-toms of La Pastora. The abstract soundpainting of Constdecnt and the banging chords of St Anthony's Fire lay the foundations for the frantic hardcore of Repositioning Chrome. The oneiric, exotic and symphonic ceremonial music of Konna Yume Wo Mite leads to the 13-minute Back Beloved Cloud that transitions from black-metal fury to android signals to manic drilling to chaotic sparse noise to languid voices dilated across astral emptiness. Those voices segue into the revolving electronic nebulae of the nine-minute Evolution Of Joy that slowly decays into eternal silence.

Let It Come Down (Frequency 13, 2011) contains the psychedelic dub jam Forbidden Dub as well as the free-form 20-minute digital soundpainting of The Dark Backward And Abysm Of Time.

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