Boduf Songs
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Boduf Songs (2005), 5/10

Boduf Songs, the alias chosen by British singer-songwriter Mat Sweet, concocted the simple ditties for acoustic guitar, violin, toy piano, field recordings and computer of Boduf Songs (Kranky, 2005). His gentle, intimate, melancholy style harks back to the beginning of British folk-rock (namely Donovan). He employed minimal arrangements to enhance the charming melody of Claimant Reclaimed but enough to disorient the listener in an age overwhelmed by the hordes of psychedelic folk soundsculptors. Lost In The Forest and Vapour Steals The Glow are pure (ghostly) atmosphere. On the other hand, This One Is Cursed and Grains are as simple as a song can be. However, there is too little on this album to prove the skills of the composer, (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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