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Ireland's Bonecloud (a duo featuring Tim Hurley) unfurled dreamy acid droning tides of sound such as the 44-minute Snow Burial, off the double-disc Bonecloud (Haunted Trail, 2006), the 40-minute piece of Drawing Spirits In Crystals (2007), and the mid-length pieces of Teenage Lycanthropy (Leaf Trail, 2007).

The prolific Hurley was also active as Quetzolcoatl, who, after the chaotic noise collage of Eternal Electrical Fleshstorm (Haunted Trail, 2006), delivered ethereal blissful ambient music for stringed instruments on works such as Sunlight Blossom Confusion (Onomato, 2006), Tirumphant Rock Shards Rise From The Sea (Ruralfaune, 2006), Where Are We Going Sister (Ikuisuus, 2006), perhaps the best one, Forever Bleeding Canyon Cloud (Foxglove, 2007), that was almost new age music, Living (Leaf Trail, 2007), which was actually obtained by manipulating the sound of a piano, Sleeping Within The Sun (Phantom Limb, 2007), Up And Down Dream Valley Thruway (American Grizzly, 2007), Vast Eternity Bridges (Abandon Ship, 2007), etc.

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