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Stash (1999), 6/10
Apogee (2000), 5/10
Gateway (2002), 6/10
Amerijuanican (2005), 6/10

Bongzilla, a quartet from Wisconsin (vocalist Mike Makela, guitarist Jeff Schultz, drummer Mike Henry and rotating bassists), played stereotypical stoner-metal on Stash (1999), with an emotional peak in the Satanic overtones of the bluesy nine-minute Harvest. Apogee (2000) slowed down the pace in endless jams like H.P. Keefmaker and Grim Reefer. The gargantuan riffs of the quasi-rockabilly ten-minute Stone a Pig and the macabre 666lb Bongsession are the highlights of the more varied, energetic and a bit goofy Gateway (2002). Amerijuanican (2005) contains their swan song, the 12-minute Stonesphere that after four minutes disintegrates in abstract psychedelic jamming, possibly their best composition. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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