Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

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Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (the Seattle duo of William Rage and Stan Reed) debuted with a deluge of cassettes (about ten per year since 2006), partially compiled on For The Sickly Weaklings (2007), The Endless Blockade (Gnarled Forest, 2008) and Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (Gnarled Forst, 2008). The best pieces, such as the 32-minute piece of Drowning In Hate (2006) and and the two monoliths of Boutranger Moor (2007), emanated radioactive ear-piercing electronic noise with industrial rhythms and otherworldly vocals halfway between Merzbow and Wolf Eyes.

More brutal horror noise surfaced on D.D.T.T.N.B. (Anarchymoon Recordings, 2009), or "Destructively Dedicated to the New Blockaders".

Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass (Release The Bats, 2009) collects singles and rarities, notably the 17-minute Borre Fen.

Dead Death Death Dead (Troubleman Unlimited, 2009) documents live performances.

Planned Obsolescence (Gnarled Forest Recordings, 2009) was a collaboration with Nihilist Assault Group.

Rats (Doom Mantra, 2010) collects rarities and leftovers.

Skeletal Coupla Remains (Gnarled Forest, 2011) documents a collaboration between Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Irr App (Ext). Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Pig Heart Transplant (Phage Tapes, 2012) was a collaboration with Pig Heart Transplant. The Boundary Between The Living And The Deceased Dissolved (Equation, 2012) documents a live Hollywood performance.

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