Burnt Hills

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New York state's Burnt Hills specialized in lo-fi, chaotic, sprawling prog-noise-space jams.

They debuted with the deranged space-rock of the 38-minute To Your Head (Flipped Out, 2006) for six five guitar, bass and three drummers, but soon discovered that they could venture way beyong the land of Hawkwind and Bardo Pond and into a hyper-psychedelic, primitive and tribal sound that was inspired by both Dead C and Crash Worship. Cloud Nine (Tape Drift, 2007) contained seven untitled jams for seven guitars, five drummers and bass (nine players alternating at different instruments). The abrasive, propulsive one-hour piece of Stoners Pot Palace (Flipped Out, 2007) set a new standard for their recordings, that now became hour-long streams of consciousness, for example the 58-minute Amphipacifica (House Of Alchemy, 2008), with the group stripped down to a quartet, and Tonite We Ride (Flipped Out, 2008) for seven players, recorded live in a basement.

Burnt Hills' side-project Pog released Mitote (Flipped Out, 2007), chamber noise that is equal (deranged) parts of folk and jazz.

Burnt Hills continued their wildly spaced-out atonal saga with Over The Rainbow (Noiseville, 2009).

Nine performers (including four guitarists and two drummers) contributed to the two jams of Herb Saint (Flipped Out, 2010), that was followed by Rise Above (Flipped Out, 2010), also divided in two untitled sides, and the EP The Moon Of The Sky (Flipped Out, 2010), with the 21-minute The Moon Of The Sky, and the single-sided LP Lights Out (2011), with another lengthy suite, Lights Out

Live performances were documented on Live 06-11-07 (Holy Room, 2010) and Live (Holy Room, 2011).

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