Cage The Elephant

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Cage The Elephant (2008), , 5/10
Thank You Happy Birthday (2011), 4/10
Melophobia (2013), 4/10
Tell Me I'm Pretty (2015), 5/10
Social Cues (2019), 4/10

Kentucky's Cage The Elephant, fronted by Matt Shultz, debuted in a mellow punk-rock style influenced by Kings of Leon with Cage The Elephant (2008), containing the mock-anthemic Ain't No Rest For The Wicked and Back Against the Wall.

Thank You Happy Birthday (2011) was a more eclectic work that ventured into electronica and (mild) dissonance. Always Something has the flavor of a musichall skit and Shake Me down tries to shake things up with a crunchy riff but the melody is ridiculous.

Melophobia (2013) is another mediocre collection of mediocre material, ranging from the silly bubblegum-pop of Spiderhead to the power ballad Cigarette Daydreams, with a bit of extra energy (or, better, musichall swagger) in Teeth.

Tell Me I'm Pretty (2015), warmly produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, engages more explicitly a 1960s revival of sorts with the energetic Mess Around and the sardonic That's Right.

Social Cues (2019) contains the propulsive Broken Boy, the languid ballad Black Madonna and little else.

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