Mira Calix
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One on One (2000), 5.5/10
Skimskitta (2003), 6/10
Eyes Set Against the Sun (2006), 6.5/10

South-African born and British-based (since 1991) disc-jockey Mira Calix (Chantal Passamonte) established her reputation in the IDM ("intelligent dance music") scene with the singles Ilanga (Warp, 1996) and Pin Skeeling (Warp, 1998), that combined distorted vocals, glitchy soundscapes, oneiric ambience and twitching beats.

One on One (Warp, 2000) included the catchy grooves of Skin With Me and Isabella.

Skimskitta (2003) was an evocative work that shifted the emphasis away from the dancefloor (Poussou, Six Not 6, You Open Always) into the mind of the dancer. The 21 tracks focused on dissonant (Suffix) or melodic (I May Be Over There, The Wolf The Sheep and The Door, I May Be Over There) events (often built up from the notes of a guitar, a piano or a violin) as well as on field recordings.

The mini-album Three Commissions (2004) collects high-brow compositions, including Nunu (2003), originally performed by a symphony orchestra and live insects.

Push Door To Exit (Warp, 2006) was a new project with pianist Sarah Nicolls and digital sound sculptor David Sheppard.

Eyes Set Against the Sun (Warp, 2006) expanded her ambitions in both directions: neoclassical and folk. On one hand these pieces incorporated a greater number of orchestral gestures (and chamber instruments such as violin, piano, glockenspiel), on the other hand several songs sounded like a folk song filtered through someone's neurosis. All of this happened against the usual background of creative beats and field recordings, although the former were further downplayed and the latter were more finely manipulated. The highlight was the eleven-minute The Way You Are When.

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