Capitol Years

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Meet Yr Acres (2001), 6/10
Pussyfootin (2004), 5/10
Let Them Drink (2005), 6/10
Dance Away the Terror (2006), 6/10

Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter Shai Halperin, who had already released Meet Yr Acres (2001), formed Capitol Years with Kyle Lloyd (drums), Dave Wayne Daniels (bass) and Jeff Van Newkirk (guitar). Their sound on the EP Jewelry Store (2003) and the album Pussyfootin (2004) was still raw and unfocused, an odd mixture of power-pop, garage-rock and hard-rock, but the calmer moments already presaged their mature melodies.

The band's pop sound blossomed on Let Them Drink (2005), a faithful reproduction of the mellower Sixties: the Beatles (Ramona), the Hollies (Juicer), the Byrds (Stones), and early Pink Floyd's psychedelic ditties (Let Them Drink). The rougher edge survives in a handful of tracks (Solid Gold, Mounds of Money, Lucky) but clearly the future is for the sugary ones.

Dance Away the Terror (2006) is a necrophiliac exercise in antiquated dream-pop without the surreal and haunting production genius of the Cocteau Twins, but, all in all, it marks a quantum leap forward in songwriting.

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